About Passive House

The Passive House system was created to produce the healthiest, most high-performance houses currently available. It is based on building science.

Passive Houses are built to maximize natural warmth and light while minimizing obtrusive airflow. By doing this, a really comfortable, extremely energy-efficient home is created that is warm in the winter, cool in the summer, free of uncomfortable draughts, and healthy for dust and mold.

When compared to a regularly constructed home, a Passive House owner often saves 80–90% on heating and cooling costs.

Our Passive Houses give what’s crucial now and in the future: health, comfort, and the highest level of energy efficiency. They meet the most demanding building performance criteria in the world.

The International Passive House Benchmark, the strictest international standard for building performance, must be met by every Passive House that we construct.

Our Passive Houses Follow the Fundamental Principles

  • Insulation – consistently around the building envelope.
  • High performing windows and doors.
  • Energy Recovery Ventilation System.
  • Thermal-bridge free design.
  • Airtightness – maximum 0.6 air exchanges per hour.

Although the basic concepts of Passive House apply to all climates, the specifics must be adjusted for the local climate and environmental factors. At Innovation Timber Frame, we adapted the principles to fit UK’s circumstances.

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