About Timber Frame Builds

Construction using a traditional timber frame has existed for thousands of years. Since the Middle Ages, timber has been utilized for framing in Europe.

A timber home can survive 100s of years or more with the right wood preparation, precision construction methods, and frequent upkeep.

Choosing the ideal building style for your new home or commercial complex may be challenging.

Each construction technique has benefits and drawbacks. The advantages of wood framing are incomparable to those of other constructions. Your greatest option for your home may be a strong and stable timber structure.


Why use timber frame?

Faster method of construction
The principle behind timber-framed housing is to provide a very quick construction time. The inner leaf, first floor, and roof trusses can be fully erected in 2 or 3 days. With up to 20% fewer labour days on-site it provides a faster return on the house builder’s investment and greater potential profits.

Less expensive construction method
Timber frame is generally a cheaper method of construction. Less time to build means less cost. However, when bricklaying labour is plentiful and demand for new homes low, the cost of masonry construction is very comparable to that of timber frame.

Timber frame buildings are lighter than those built in traditional brick and block and therefore do not need expensive, over-engineered, designed foundations or require good ground-bearing strata. Timber frame systems are particularly suited to brownfield sites with poor soil conditions that can only accommodate lighter buildings unless costly foundation design solutions are used.

Other advantages
Perceived as more environmentally friendly.
If constructed properly, they can be more energy efficient.
Easier to work with as far as internal plumbing and electric’s

Benefits of a Timber Frame House

  • Great Insulation
  • Easy to Maintain
  • High performing windows and doors.
  • Variety of design options
  • Environmentally friendly building 
  • Energy and Cost-Efficient

Modern construction methods and technology breakthroughs have made timber-framed homes an attractive investment. In addition to their high aesthetic value and flexibility in customization, timber-framed homes will remain popular for a very long time to come because of the growing demand for energy-efficient homes and the necessity for sustainable building methods.

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